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Keg Ordering Form

Before filling out a Keg Ordering Form please thoroughly read our policies


  • There are NO RETURNS on purchased kegs

  • Keg, tap, and tub deposits are due at checkout. Deposits are refunded upon return of empty keg, tap, and tub

    • Keg Deposit ($30): We require the yellow Keg Registration sticker to be intact and present upon return to refund the keg deposit

    • Tap Deposit ($40): Please note if you need a tap in "Special Requests/Notes"

    • Tub Deposit ($25): Please note if you need a tub in "Special Requests/Notes"

  • We cannot guarantee the availability of keg products

  • We cannot guarantee the arrival date of keg products

Thank You! We will be in touch with you shortly. (Be sure to check your spam if you don't receive an email from us.)

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