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Tip 1) The rules don’t matter. There is no right or wrong wine pairing, as long as you like the combination.  So when it comes to rules, look at them as guidelines.  Don’t be afraid to break the rules/ Sometimes you may discover something different that you really like.

Tip 2) Likes attract

  • Lighter bodied wines with lighter dishes

  • Dryer wines with less sweet items
  • The simplest but most fun rule to break white (chardonnay, pinot grigio) with white (chicken and fish) ,  pink (rose and blush) with pink (ham), red (cabernet and merlot) with red (steak or tomato sauce)

Tip 3) Opposites attract

Ever try something sweet with something  salty? It works like a chocolate covered pretzel.  Old Bay or JO spice on Maryland seafood tends to be a little salty so think of a wine with some sweetness like a local Vidal Blanc , Traminette or your favorite semi sweet Riesling.

 Tip 4) Treat your Wine Rack like a Spice Rack

Look for the flavor notes in the wines and match them to foods like you would do spices.

Tip 5) Serve unoaked whites like pinot grigo and savuginon blanc with any food you can squeeze a lime or lemon on. Its an acidity thing acid to acid.

Tip 6) Sparkling wine is good with anything salty.

Tip 7) Match fatty red meats with tannic reds….the tannins breakdown the fats and the fats mellow the tannins.

Tip 8) Keep it in the neighborhood …Coastal wines with seafood, French food with French wine, Italian food with Italian wine

Tip 9) When in doubt go with Pinot Noir…it really does pair with anything.

by Michael Cullison

  Simple Tips to Wine and Food Pairings