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Prichard's will be here pouring their cream liqeurs and making holiday cocktails to serve at your holiday parties.

We are proud to bring you free tastings every Friday from 4 to 7 pm,

 and every Saturday from 1 to 4 pm!

Saturday,  December 7th    1pm - 4pm      Spirit Tasting 

G4 Tequilas will be come on by and try these heavily award Tequilas

Saturday,  December 7th    1pm - 4pm      Wine Tasting 

Armin will be here pouring some excellent selections;

Big Cork Russian Kiss

Provisioner White

Evolucio Furmit 

Hillinger Secco 

Hillinger Small Hill Red

McPherson Les Copains

The Tasting Schedule

We invite you to take advantage of these free tasting opportunities so you may learn about new products, discover how your taste buds will react to the experiences, and to develop new favorites.

* Remember, when you purchase any of the featured wines during our tasting events, you will receive a 10% discount or the super-discounted sale price, whichever saves you more!

Friday,  December 6th    4pm - 7pm      Wine Tasting 

Griffen from Basignani wines will be here pour some fantastic local wine

Benet from Union Craft Brewing will be here pouring some tasty brews

Friday,  December 6th    4pm - 7pm      Beer Tasting 

Friday,  December 6th      4pm - 7pm                SpiritsTasting

The TastingTable 

Infuse Spirits is made from hand-picked fruits, spices, and herbal ingredients. Unlike other brands of artificially flavored spirits, Infuse Spirits crafts exceptional all-natural infused vodka contained within an award-winning bottle. For incomparable taste, Infuse Spirits uses corn based vodka that is distilled five times, using multi-micro purified water and a state of the art filtration system. But it’s truly the ingredients that flavor the ultra-premium American vodka line. The result of this careful infusion process is the purest infused spirit on the market- with no added sugars, no dyes, syrups, or artificial flavors… and it’s 100% gluten free.

Thursday,  December 5th         4pm - 7pm        Spirits Tasting