Wine World Beer and Spirits

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Three Thieves wines will be here!

We are proud to bring you free tastings every Friday from 4 to 7 pm,

 and every Saturday from 1 to 4 pm!

Stone will have some devilishly delicious beers

The Botanist Gin will be here with interesting cocktails and a chance to try this aromatic and wonderful Gin.

The Tasting Schedule

Friday,  August 16th      4pm- 7pm                 Beer Tasting  

We invite you to take advantage of these free tasting opportunities so you may learn about new products, discover how your taste buds will react to the experiences, and to develop new favorites.

* Remember, when you purchase any of the featured wines during our tasting events, you will receive a 10% discount or the super-discounted sale price, whichever saves you more!

 Le Grand Courtâge, meaning “The Great Courtship,” symbolizes that je ne sais quoi which can exist in all of life's moments.

Mark will be presenting the following ruffino wines;

 Chianti, Lumina Pinot Grigio, Orvieto, Prosecco and Moscato d' asti 

Saturday,  August 17th 1-4 pm                      Wine Tasting  

These interesting and amazing infused gins will be presented in cocktails and straight for a unique tasting experience.

Friday,  August 16th        4pm-7pm          Spirit Tasting   

Saturday,  August 17th 1-4 pm                      Spirit Tasting  

The TastingTable 

Stacy will be in with some fun wines!

Beyra White, Beyra Red, Beyra Reserva, The Loop SB, Italo Ceson Pinot Grigio  

Thursday,  August 15th  4- 7pm            Wine Tasting  

          Friday,  August 16th       4 -7 pm     Wine Tasting