If you’ve ever stopped to talk with me about beer in the store you probably know that I have a problem. I love beer; and I tend to buy more than I need. So in keeping with tradition, I can’t decide on one pick...so enter Astrodino and Plankton; both coming to us from the wonderful Peabody Heights Brewery out of Baltimore City.  

Plankton –5.5% Czech-Style Pilsner – Refreshing with a touch of lemon following a slight peppery front-end. Light fruit leads to a crisp and clean finish perfect for crushing pool-side or while watching the birds.  

Astrodino – 6% American Pale Ale – Bright, sweet, tropical flavors make way for a soft and velvety mouthfeel and finish on this brew. Being hopped with Vic Secret, Amarillo, and Citra leads to well-rounded mango, citrus, and pineapple flavors. Closes out with a slight bitterness and a clean finish.  

Hey! Looking to try a new Bourbon, but not sure which one? Why not Belle Meade Bourbon?! The high-rye blend of Belle Meade was designed to make it a versatile Bourbon.  It shines whether served neat, with a splash water, or on the rocks, but it’s also outstanding in a well-made cocktail. The high rye content and 90.4 bottling proof helps Belle Meade Bourbon to stand up to mixers that often mask other Bourbons; thus making it the perfect Bourbon for your favorite classic or craft cocktail creation.

Before you even taste it, you get the wonderful smell of caramel and vanilla. When you take the first buttery sip you'll get more caramel and vanilla, with a long smooth finish! Easy drinking! Maybe too easy! That's probably why it got 93 points in Tasting Panel Magazine! 

If you would like some great cocktail ideas to try just ask me next time you stop in.

Mary's Pick : Belle Meade Bourbon 

       Michael's Pick: Nassau Valley Vineyards Laurel's Red 

We pass this winery on the way to the beach every year. Such a fun place to visit to begin our vacation. The versatile Chambourcin grape has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. This semi-dry offering is nice and fruity with just a kiss of fizzy. A perfect wine for chilling on the deck in the spring and summer. both lovers of sweet and dry wines will love this wine so it's great for sharing with friends. You can even give it a slight chill if you prefer we won't tell. I love to pair this fun wine with pizza.

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       Alex's Pick: Peabody Heights Plankton & Astrodino

This wine is the whole package! I was already a fan of French Gamay, from Beaujolais. But, this Italian Gamay swept me off my feet! Juicy notes of fresh strawberries jump out of the glass, while the palate is grounded by bright acidity and flavors of more strawberry, and earthy black pepper. Try pairing it with grilled chicken or salmon, filet mignon, or Easter ham!

Cara's Pick:  Grosjean Gamay 

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