·    Two fresh 6 oz. Salmon filets, cut from the center of the fish, without skin.

·    Rub with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.


Sautéed Softshell Crab 

Sautéed Salmon

When I think of wines and dessert, my mind usually jumps right to Port, Icewine, or Vin Santo with biscotti. One that rarely, if ever, springs to mind is Vermouth, yet the sweet red version of this classic wine is a key ingredient in a very simple, but extremely decadent dessert called Zabaglione (pronounced zab-ah-YON). It is a fluffy, creamy custard styled dessert that takes only minutes to prepare, and is a real taste treat.

This meal is one of the blessings of living in such close proximity to the Chesapeake.  Try to describe the delights of eating a crab - legs, fins, shell and all - to a Mid-Westerner, and they'll look at you like you just escaped from a ward! The poor souls just haven't had the opportunity to know.


Elizabeth's Recipe Corner


I love to cook and I love good food.  I try and stay with whole food as it has been said real food doesn’t have ingredients, it IS the ingredient! The simpler the better and with a vision of how the meal should turn out, you too can make it happen. Always keep in stock the basics, such as olive oil, garlic, shallots, good cheeses, some pasta and some red wine and some white wine, and then you buy the fresh meats or seafood or greens and you are good to go. keep in mind, dinner time is not the time to be thinking about what to have for dinner.  So prepare and plan for at least the upcoming 3 days and so on, and you will never be at a loss. That is when you get in trouble. Truly shop the perimeter so you are not buying premade, prepared, packaged food.  None of that was made by anyone who loves you and cares for you!!

 Visualize the plate, such as chicken,  boiled  baby potatoes dressed simply with  olive oil, oregano and fresh squeeze of lemon and  steamed green beans, or lamb chops, salad and orzo pasta salad, or bread some shrimp, and serve with side of peas as well as fettucine pasta, tossed with garlic sautéed in olive oil and some lemon, top with cheese.  These are just a few easy no muss no fuss meals.  I will pass along some recipes that are delicious and quick…just plan ahead.