Word on Wine's Mary Zajac and Jonathan Palevsky present WBJC’s community wine show. 

Word on Wine covers all kinds of wine-related topics: serving and pairing wines, varietals, industry trends, & more! Mary & Jonathan also review wines to help you get an idea of what to look for when you head out to the market.

Wine Review airs Monday at 7:45 am & Word on Wine airs Thursday between 6:00 – 6:25 pm. 

You can listen to Podcast of their latest shows here.

Elizabeth and Michael have been invited to WJZ 13's Weekend Morning Edition several times. Their appearances are always a lot of fun and they have covered many fun topics. Click on the pictures below for links to some of their past visits to the show.  


Wine 101 Radio is a 10 minute radio segment that airs every Friday at 4:50 pm on WHFC 91.1 fm. 

Written and produced by our own Michael Cullison and Rachel Herron. They take a fun approach to their wine education segments in what they like to call a "wine snob free zone" They believe learning abour wine should be enjoyable and never intimidating. You can listen to past segments on their website Wine101Radio.com