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    Beer Types and Styles 

by Larry Smith

    Simple Tips to Food and Wine  Pairing

    A Primer on Scotch

by Michael Cullison

With imports, craft beer and micro brews growing in availablity at a rapid rate, it has become easier than ever to try different types and styles. So we put together and ever expanding guide to help you navigate the world of beer.


I wish someone had told me these things when I was much younger.
I remember first learning about Scotch after a discussion stemming from the old “What Kind of Man Drinks Cutty Sark?” ads in Playboy magazine. As a 12-year old kid, all manner of contraband was obtained and smuggled to our secret “fort” in the woods:  cigarettes, fireworks, and yes even Playboy magazine. First all of the pictures were ogled to death, then all of the party jokes were committed to memory before the ads eventually got perused – up to and including the Cutty ad.



One of the common questions we get at Wine World is how to make different mix drinks. So we thought we would share some of the most requested ones here along with some of our favorites.


Tip 1) The rules don’t matter there is no right or wrong wine pairing as long as you like the combination.  So when it comes to rules look at them as guidelines.  Don’t be afraid to break the rules sometimes you may discover something different that you really like.


by Team Wine World